Meet a creative do-all

I do basically Everything that evolves graphics. I create illustrations, design still and motion graphics and even model some 3d graphics.


I design logos, web sites, business cards and more.
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Analog drawing, digital painting, vector illustrations or cartoons.
Name it and I'll do it.

Doors of St. Anna

illustration by Tom Claus

villain no.4

illustration by Tom Claus

villain no.3

illustration by Tom Claus

villain no.2

illustration by Tom Claus

villain no.1

illustration by Tom Claus



Demons of Science

Science skeleton

Jamie with gameboy

Character holding a Game Boy

Photography is a lifestyle

Character looking over his shoulder holding a camera

The brain cook

Cook serving brains

Skeleton Skater

skeleton with clothes on a skateboard

Grim reaper baby

a baby skeleton in a shoppingcart


a skeletion biker on a cruiseship


a man

Tom Claus

Caricature of Tom Claus


Angel trying to fly away, but held by hands

Death flowers

Girl with death flowers


Man sitting and holding a guitar


2 girls on a surfplanck

Selfie time!

Santa Claus taking a selfie in the mirror

Santa taking a dump

Santa Claus on a toilet

Santa taking a bath

Santa Claus taking a bath

We've all been on this bus

A big and a small guy sitting next to each other on the bus


A phone unboxing a human on a carpet with presents around him

The faded cyclist

Old man on a bike


Girl holding money


Boy holding money


Recently I got into motion graphics and animation. It's still basic but I'm learning fast.

3D graphics

Lately I've been making some abstract 3D art for fun. Everything is made with Blender 3D.

The end

Not really, I'll keep on making things whenever I can or get asked to
Want to dive in a project together? Feel free to contact me and I see what I can do.
+32476 21 77 82

VAT BE0749.691.323